The Story of the Lovers Gohar Shad Mosque

On the 40th day, Gohar Shad sent a messenger to ask about the young man’s condition. So that when she is ready Gohar Shad is also preparing to divorce her husband. The messenger said to the young man: “Tomorrow your 40 days will be finished and the queen waits when you are ready, she will also carry out her conditions”. Youth lovers who start prayers and worship because of love for Gohar Shad, and now after 40 days, the sweetness of prayer fills his heart and soul, replies: “Tell the queen of Gohar Shad: First, I thank you. Secondly, I no longer need to marry you “. Ututasan said: What do you mean? Don’t you really love Gohar Shad? ” The young man said: “At that time the love of Gohar Shad had made me sick and almost died, I did not recognize true love. But now my heart beats because of love for God. And I don’t want love besides Him. I am familiar and familiar with God. And only with Him can I be calm. But I thank Gohar Shad for introducing me to God and it was he who caused me to find true love.

And the young man became the first prayer prayer at the mosque and slowly he continued his study to become a perfect faqih. And he is none other than Ayatullah Syeh Muhammad Sadiq Hamadani. Ratu Gahar Shad is Shahrokh Mirza’s wife and Amir Teimoor Gurgani’s son-in-law. Who built the famous mosque called the mosque “Gohar Shad Mashad”.

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