The Story of the Lovers Gohar Shad Mosque

Gohar shad comes to the mosque which is being built every day to check the situation of the workers. One day as usual Gohar shad came to the mosque construction site to inspect the mosque’s work. Because the gusts of the hijab were slightly exposed and a young worker saw his face. The young man immediately fell in love with Gohar Shad. He lost his temper due to his love for Gohar Shad, until he fell ill. And the pain almost brought him to the brink of death. Some days he did not come to work and Gohar Shad asked how he was. They said that the young man was sick. Therefore Gohar Shad came to visit him. Several days passed and from day to day the young man’s condition worsened. His mother, who was likely to lose her child, decided to tell her son about the queen Gohar Shad. He said to himself: “It is not important, although I will also lose my life”. He told about his son to the queen of Gohar Shad. And waiting for his reaction queen Gohar Shad. The queen, after hearing the mother’s story, kindly said: “This is not important. Why don’t you tell me faster? So that we can eliminate the sadness of a servant of God. He said to the young man’s mother: “Go and tell your son; I am willing to marry you. But before that there are two jobs that must be completed. First, my maskawink is 40 days iktikaf in this newly built mosque.

If you accept, then go to the mosque and for 40 days just concern yourself with prayers and worship God. And the second condition is: After you are ready, then I must divorce with my husband. Now, if you accept this condition, then that will be your duty. ” Youth lovers when listening to the message of the queen Gohar Shad immediately recovered and said: “40 days is nothing. Even though you say 40 years I am willing “. The young man left and was preoccupied with prayer and worship at the mosque in the hope that the reward of prayer and worship would be to marry and marry a beautiful woman named Gohar Shad.

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