The Story of the Lovers Gohar Shad Mosque

Gohar Shad is one of the hijab women who always wears a veil over her face, and a woman who is religious. He wanted to build a mosque next to the unclean Imam Ridha as. He announced to all workers and architects: “I will pay you double your salary, but on condition; you must work with ablution and at work should not disagree and mock one another and respect each other, maintain Islamic morals, and always remember God.

To those responsible for lifting material goods to the mosque’s construction site using animals, in addition to the above suggestions he also ordered: “Put water and grass in the streets of the animal. And don’t beat them up and let them eat and drink whenever the animals are hungry and thirsty. And don’t burden them with weight and don’t bother them either. I will double your salary “.

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