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Mulla Shadra Hasan Abu Ammar Foundation


Mulla Shadra Hasan Abu Ammar Foundation

The foundation of Mulla Sadra Hasan Abu Ammar is an organization that engaged in the Islamic da’wah and thought movement. The foundation is dedicated to caring for the Islamic preaching mission and thought activities that had carried out by the late Hujjatul Islam Hasan Abu Ammar ra.

The organization was formed by the late Hujjatul Islam Ustadz Hasan Abu Ammar (ra) in the early 1990s and the Itrah Institute Palu (IIP) is a foundation that has been engaged in the scope of da’wah among the Muslim youngster which by its founders of the foundation was awarded to deceased Ustadz in his lifetime.

After the death of the deceased Ustadz Hasan Abu Ammar, in early 2019 some of the deceased’s students works for broadening the scope of organization programs and to continue the Islamic education that had been pioneered by the late Ustadz Abu Ammar in his lifetime and it aimed to bring the organization to perform better, then we refurbish the organization with a new name: Mulla Shadra Hasan Abu Ammar (MSHAA) foundation. Since then, the MSHAA foundation and the IIP foundation are like the two deceased wings so that all of his students and participants of the next Muslim generation can fly across its science of the Islamic universe and teach people the Islamic original values ​​to the youngster Muslim generation by emphasizing mastery of lessons that are very important to go to knowing (ma’rifah) Allah Ta’ala such as Fiqh, Qur’anic Studies, Theology (Kalam -Bab Hadi Asyar), Islamic Philosophy, Logic, Mysticism, Parsi, etc.  

The activity of the foundation is to organize online-based religious classes, also we are developing the Islamic Webinar in order to accommodate all the online students which showed a significant increase in demand from across the country, hopefully, the webinar channel in our website will be open by end of this year.  

In the future, the foundation also plans to build a high-technology-based Hauzah that can accommodate a variety of Islamic education on the Ahlulbayt path of the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

The generosity of Muslims to support the foundation’s Islamic da’wah program will be the strength of the organization and help us in breaking the cycle of poverty of religious knowledge for Islamic society in Indonesia.

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