Developing of Hauzah Imam Ja’far Shodiq, Inheritance for the Future Islamic Generation

Developing of Hauzah Imam Ja’far Shodiq, Inheritance for the Future Islamic Generation


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Brother/sister who is blessed by Allah Ta’ala,

In recent days we have seen that there is less interest in Islamic studies among the Muslim youth. Meanwhile, Islam pays special attention to the Muslim youngster, as the next generation of perfect Islam. For this reason, Mulla Shadra Hasan Abu Ammar foundation is building the Imam Ja’far Shodiq Hawza Ilmiyah (religious school) which will provide Islamic religious lessons from the original books such as: Ilmu Kalam -Chab Hadi Asyar, Bidayatul Hikmah, Muslim Logic ( Mantiq Science), Sharaf-Nahwu, Isyraq Wisdom, Ilahiyat Syifa ‘, Muta’aliyah Wisdom, Akhlaq, Islamic History, Practical Jurisprudence, etc. Hawzah Ilmiyah is located in South Tangerang, Banten province, Indonesia.

For the first stage, Hawzah Imam Ja’far Shodiq will open a class with a 1-year curriculum, and inshaAllah, in the future it will add other classes and types of longer study duration. By building this Hauzah Ilmiyah, we intend to develop a correct understanding of Islam in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW and his holy family, especially among the younger generation. We open donations for all parties – both individuals and organizations – who care about the future of Islam among young Muslims, as the next generation.

We knock on the hearts of Muslims who have excess funds and savings to set aside a portion of their fortune to help carry out this Hauzah Imam Ja’far Shodiq, to ​​do good deeds whose rewards will not be cut off, even though we are already in the barzakh realm.

We pray that your alms can be the fulfillment of all your desires, a cure for all diseases and a solution to every problem you are facing. Through the rights of the Prophet Muhammad and his holy family, may we all be gathered together with pious people.

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